Sunday, March 8, 2009

Human Madness - Cape Argus Cycle Tour

Just a quick update on Sheba - she seems a lot better although she keeps to herself most days. Her favourite spot these days is on top of the washing machine in this old beer box that Jerry and I have just "lent" for the photo shoot! I, being Shrek still hiss at her and sometimes still take a swipe at her - but only really when I am sure no-one is looking because them beings get very upset when I do that. Anyway, I am just trying to be more dominant although I am the youngest! So to all who have been wondering and sending their purrs - thank you. We did receive them - we just did not really feel like sitting in front of the computer in 40 degrees celsius heat!

Today is also the Pick 'n Pay Cape Argus Cycle Race. Total madness if you ask me! To sit in a saddle for 109 km, even though it is a very scenic route - from the middle of Cape Tour, along the False Bay Coast, past Cape Point, over Chapmans Peak Drive through Hout Bay and along the Atlantic Coast line back to Cape Town. Oh, I can just think to the sore backsides! I will just go back to snoozing. On top of that there is a howling south-easter, so I wonder how many people will stay on their bikes, hmmmmmm. My beans are not stupid - they are definitely not taking part - their excuse being they anyway don't own bicylces! My one bean will rather go and swim 3km every morning at the gym.


Kaz's Cats said...

G'day Shrek, Thanks for the update on your sister. We're glad that things are better with Sheba. That's pretty summery weather that you've got going for you - we hear bits about the weather via the cricket broadcasts (3rd Test looking good for you guys at the moment) back here. Hope you guys get plenty of rest and relaxation,


Gypsy & Tasha
Gypsy & Tasha

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Poor Sheba. Nothing like wanting to be alone and not having any privacy. We hope she gets to doing better soon.