Sunday, January 25, 2009

Quick Sheba Update

Just a quick update on Sheba - she seems to be a lot better - our beans are monitoring her very closely. We boys are still very careful in her presence - although I am still getting wacked for being naughty when I chase her! Thanks to all for their concern and postings. Our beans have been working very hard and have not had much time for blogging.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Innocent Moves!

Wow! I must try this again! My bean who is so busy saw me trying my best to look very cute so that I cold cuddle up with Sheba onto of our favourite green blanket on top of our favourite cupboard but it ended up in a "Russian Standoff". Sheba growled and did not want me anywhere near her. I think I will just stay on my side for now! Sheba has lately not felt well and my beans are very worried that she has a bad bladder infection. She growls when any of us boys come near her, especially when she is in the litterbox. She has soiled the bed a few times to let our beans know that she is not feeling well. She has also swatted me a few times with good left upper cutters, which my beans found very amusing. They say it serves me right for irritating Sheba. But the bright side is that because my beans must feed Sheba half a tablet every evening for a week, she gets some fish paste called Redro, which is really, really very nice and we get some too. I wonder if I can start oozing my way closer.......... Furry friends, please hold thumbs that Sheba feels better soon - if only for my sake because I am the main target of her anger!

Much ado about nothing!

Our beans have been very busy - we know that they are concocting some sort of plans.... we are just not sure what they are doing. Actually, we think that they really don't know themselves, but watch this space, we are sure some sort of big announcement is coming..... we heard something about travel and us getting a catsitter. Will just have evesdrop...... so, to all our furry friends who have visited, we not being rude by not visiting your blogs - it's all our beans fault - all work and no play! We promise to visit soon and post more regularly.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tunnel Vision

Our beans bought us a new toy.....

See who loves it most....

This was before the red thingey was still hanging - before Shrek bit is off......

And while our beans were at work, Tommy found the catnip......

And Jerry makes if he knows nothing.....

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Postcards from all over world wanted

We just came across this request - if you have not yet seen it, would be great if we can all help with this fantastic project:

Friday, January 2, 2009
I have a favor to ask

It's hard to believe but my Christmas vacation is almost over. There are only 100 more days of school until summer vacation. Every year I hit up my friends and family for postcards of their hometowns and/or vacation spots. We use them in class to learn about other areas and compare them to where we live. Our goal is to try and collect 100 postcards by the 100th day of school. Well, our 100th day is fast approaching and we still don't have 100 postcards.

I don't teach at an inner city school, but it is a city school and the kids in my kindergarten class don't get to travel much. These glimpses into other places have opened up a whole new world for them and they are planning the spots they would like to visit someday. So, if you would be willing to send us a postcard from your town or state or vacation spot I would greatly appreciate it. Our 100th day is on January 31st. It won't be a problem if your postcard arrives after that because we'll still be collecting postcards for the rest of the year.

Here's the address if you can help:

Ms. Brown's Class
Greynolds Park Elementary
1536 N.E. 179th Street
North Miami Beach, FL 33162

New Year Resolutions - Part 2


I will stop being a hip prawn at 3am. It does not endear me to my bean who still wants to sleep.

I will not steal Tom & Jerry’s toys. There are more than enough for all of us, even though theirs are always better!

I will not be a string magnet – I do not have to chew through every piece of string in sight.

I will stop destroying the edge of the bookcase in my attempts to sharpen my fingernails.

I will try to lose a little weight, so if my beans dress me funny – it does not have to be a ‘dog suit’.

I will stay off the washing rack.

AND I have added the family’s resolutions as well:


I will limit my daft half hour of racing at top speed through the apartment. I am not part of a formula 1 racing team and this is not Silverstone.

I will not dunk my toy mice in our water bowls.

I will leave all the towels in the house aone. I will not pull them down.

I will stay off the washing rack.


I will not shred the newspaper before my bean has had time to read it.

I will attempt to put on some weight.

I will stop shredding the toilet paper.

I will try not to annoy my beans by opening the study door when it is clear they don’t need help.

I will stay off the washing rack.


I will endeavour to stay out of the way of the steeple-chasing trio.

I will not dip my tail in my bean’s bath in the morning.

I will not hide when visitors arrive.

(no photo available, I am hiding)


I will enjoy my harem!


We will continue to enjoy the entertainment provided by Shrek & Co.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Shrek’s Attempted New Year Resolutions

– but I am not promising to stick to them!

It’s that time of year again furry friends: Let the inevitable resolutions begin!

I will not perch on my bean's chest in the middle of the night and stare into her eyes until she wakes up, and then innocently go lie down next to her purring up a storm!

If I get stepped on in the middle of the night, I will not mutter. Beans can’t see in the dark. I am a black cat and I have x-ray eyes – they don’t.

Tom, Jerry and I will not go steeple-chasing over our beans’ bed while they're trying to sleep. This is not a qualifier for the South African National Catlympic Team.

I will not try out for the CATS chorus line.

I'll let my beans sleep later. 4a.m. is a little too early to get them up to feed me. I’ll try to hold on until at least 4:30 a.m.

I will be more affectionate to the golden oldies (Shaka & Sheba). I will not swat them when they walk past.

When launching myself from the bed to the window, or floor to window, I must not use beans as a launching pad. The same is true of a landing pad. This is not a contest for cat ‘agility for high jump and hang ons’.

I will stop climbing up and swinging from the ‘heirloom’ curtains – my landings are never very elegant.

I will not growl at NOTHING, especially when the front door bell is rung.

I'll stop playing hide and seek with new toys - It's getting a little cluttered behind the furniture.

I will not try and trip up my beans on the way to the kitchen when I am hungry. I am not part of the Springbok rugby team and I don’t have to tackle the opposition (the Brits, Kiwi’s or All Blacks).

I must not make bread on my beans stomach, even though she appreciates the affection shown.
While the vacuum cleaner comes out – IT is NOT evil reincarnated! I must make peace with it. It is my fur “bunnies” it is after.

I will try very hard to resist my urge to jump into green shopping bags.

I will resist the urge to herd cats and beans in the direction I am going. I do not live in Australia and I do not herd sheep.


I will hold my head up high! My beans rugby team, the Springboks are the reigning World Cup winners and the SA Protea Cricket team just gave the Aussie the thrashing they deserved, to lead the series 2-0! (Oh boy, I can feel that Springbok jersey coming my way……)