Friday, December 12, 2008

Cape Town, my Cape Town

OK, So my mommy must make amends now for what she did yesterday. Does she not know that she scared all my furry friends out there? So, I sent her out with a camera and told her that she must take some photos of our neighbourhood to post over the long weekend. See, because this coming Tuesday is a public holiday in South Africa, being the "Day of Reconciliation", she thought that she will just kick off her shoes and lay on the couch reading - because she asked for the day off on Monday as well. I mean really! Do I have to do all the thinking around here? And if she thinks she is going to tease me the whole long weekend, she's got another thing coming! Both my mommies are off, so there will be hips to lay on, toes to nibble!

Right, the photo above was not technically taken by my mommy, but because it is so beautiful I have allowed her to include it! It is a stunning photo of Table Mountain!


curator said...

Goodness, that is very lovely. It's gray and rainy and cold up here - that looks so refreshingly warm!

Daisy said...

It looks pretty where you live!

The Crew said...

My, what a lovely photo. When we look outside, we see 2 feet of snow.

The Crew

Anonymous said...

Ooooo That is very pretty! IT looks like a big big climb!
have lots of fun with both your Mommies, it sounds like a puurfect weekend! :))