Sunday, January 18, 2009

Innocent Moves!

Wow! I must try this again! My bean who is so busy saw me trying my best to look very cute so that I cold cuddle up with Sheba onto of our favourite green blanket on top of our favourite cupboard but it ended up in a "Russian Standoff". Sheba growled and did not want me anywhere near her. I think I will just stay on my side for now! Sheba has lately not felt well and my beans are very worried that she has a bad bladder infection. She growls when any of us boys come near her, especially when she is in the litterbox. She has soiled the bed a few times to let our beans know that she is not feeling well. She has also swatted me a few times with good left upper cutters, which my beans found very amusing. They say it serves me right for irritating Sheba. But the bright side is that because my beans must feed Sheba half a tablet every evening for a week, she gets some fish paste called Redro, which is really, really very nice and we get some too. I wonder if I can start oozing my way closer.......... Furry friends, please hold thumbs that Sheba feels better soon - if only for my sake because I am the main target of her anger!


Elaine said...

I am so purring for Sheba - I hope she feels better quicker than quick and that she won't growl at you anymore, ever!

Lux said...

That was me, Lux - I *knew she'd post as herself (accidentally) sooner or later! ;-)

Chesney Cats said...

We are purring for Sheba to feel better very soon!

Cat with a garden said...

Oh, we missed some posts - blogger wasn't updating! We purr that Sheba will feel like her old self very soon!!!
Purrs, Siena & Chilli

castle diva said...

We purr that Sheba will soon feel like herself again. It's no fun being sick.

Ms. P and Cinza

Everycat said...

Oh Sheba sweetheart - we hope you feel better very soon and the vet can get you back to full swatting strength!

You both look so beautiful on that green blanky, it has to be the best colour for a cat blanky ever!

Rumbly purrs from

Whicky & Family.