Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year Resolutions - Part 2


I will stop being a hip prawn at 3am. It does not endear me to my bean who still wants to sleep.

I will not steal Tom & Jerry’s toys. There are more than enough for all of us, even though theirs are always better!

I will not be a string magnet – I do not have to chew through every piece of string in sight.

I will stop destroying the edge of the bookcase in my attempts to sharpen my fingernails.

I will try to lose a little weight, so if my beans dress me funny – it does not have to be a ‘dog suit’.

I will stay off the washing rack.

AND I have added the family’s resolutions as well:


I will limit my daft half hour of racing at top speed through the apartment. I am not part of a formula 1 racing team and this is not Silverstone.

I will not dunk my toy mice in our water bowls.

I will leave all the towels in the house aone. I will not pull them down.

I will stay off the washing rack.


I will not shred the newspaper before my bean has had time to read it.

I will attempt to put on some weight.

I will stop shredding the toilet paper.

I will try not to annoy my beans by opening the study door when it is clear they don’t need help.

I will stay off the washing rack.


I will endeavour to stay out of the way of the steeple-chasing trio.

I will not dip my tail in my bean’s bath in the morning.

I will not hide when visitors arrive.

(no photo available, I am hiding)


I will enjoy my harem!


We will continue to enjoy the entertainment provided by Shrek & Co.


Alfie said...

Happy New Year

Well Shrek from your long list I can see you are a very resolute feline, so why do you let your beans dress you up so, I mean who would want to disguise your long purrrfect sleek catwalk of a figure!

Beware, one of your beans is a cricket lover. The boks are 2-0 up and playing the last game starting today. Now if they win the team will be the world's number one!!!
My best advice is run and hide, to the furthest corner under the bed or up the inside of the curtain curtain and hang on to the pole.

I am afraid it will not be just a bok shirt this time! You will be helmeted behind a grill, padded, gloved and boxed. You will look silly even from mid-on!! Run Shrek run! Pretend that dog jacket belongs to a greyhound

If all else fails, pack a green bag, grab your passport and come on over to England for a holiday.

ps bring your jersey its minus 8 degrees at the moment!


The Island Cats said...

Those are some good resolutions! But they might be hard to keep!

Happy New Year to all of you!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey

Grrreta said...

Those are very ambitious resolutions. My mom thinks I need to resolve to do many of those things. I don't think so.

Everycat said...

...again we are suspicious of these resolutions. Maybe your typist got confused? These are all things that cats should be doing.
We love the picture of you all in the bath!

Whicky Wuudler

Angus Mhor said...

Happy New Year, Shrek and Gang! You know, I dunk my fevver mouse in my drinking water all the time..what's wrong with that?